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Helping You Educate Young Minds

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Meet Cassius B. Murphy, Speaker, Education Consultant & Advocate

As a national trainer with the Center of Teacher Effectiveness, I have more than 18 years of experience in the field of human services, specializing in behavior management and crisis intervention techniques. Channeling my vast experience and expertise, lead me to form a partnership with The Center for Teacher Effectiveness and establish CasTek Innovative Solutions.

My Experience and Expertise in the Practice

Throughout my career, I have worked with children and adolescents diagnosed with anxiety, depression, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and severe emotional and psychological difficulties.

Additionally, I worked in therapeutic foster care, intensive in-home counseling, and case management. As a therapeutic day treatment caseworker, I relentlessly worked directly with teachers in public elementary, middle, and high schools. I also worked with educators in the alternative school system using behavioral and crisis interventions techniques.

I was also successfully employed in the state of Virginia at a psychiatric residential treatment facility, a residential group home, and an emergency juvenile shelter for the Prince William County Department of Social Services. During my time there, I employed the following behavioral techniques: The Mandt System® and Handle with Care approach in my practice.

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My Competitive Edge

As a certified and accredited national classroom management trainer, facilitator, and staff developer, I have the expertise, competency, and ability to deliver a world-class training session. I help teachers decrease unwanted low-level behaviors in the classroom and overcome challenges in schools, such as teacher retention and students’ test scores. 

My Passion and Dedication

My passion for serving teachers and students came one day when I was leaving a classroom and thinking to myself, “There’s no way these teachers can teach effectively when they’re dealing with continuous low-level behaviors.” That day sparked my desire to make a difference in classroom behavior management through consulting and counseling services.         

My Personal Life

For more than 26 years, I have been married to my wife, Shelia. We also have two lovely daughters, Tekoa Melissa, and Cassidy Briana.

My Credentials and Accomplishments 

For more than 25 years, I have been happily married to my wife. I also have two lovely daughters.

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  • Certified Grief and Crisis Counselor
  • Certified Not On Tobacco (N-O-T) Facilitator for the American Lung Association
  • Certified Regional and National Trainer in Classroom Management & School-wide Discipline
  • Associate Trainer (Time to Teach)
  • Certified Medication Aide approved by the Virginia State Board of Nursing & the Virginia Department of Social Services

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  • Proficient in Behavioral Management Techniques
  • Trained in Risking Connection/Trauma-Informed Care Techniques
  • Skilled in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Techniques
  • Certified in Classroom Management and School Discipline

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  • Candidate for Liberty University Bachelor's of Social Work program
  • Grief & Crisis Counselor Certificate No. 743420
  • Toastmasters International Competent Communication Award/Keynote Speaker
  • Veteran of the US Armed Forces 

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My Industry Memberships and Affiliations

      • American Lung Association

      • National Association of Social Workers (NASW)

      • Center for Teacher Effectiveness

        (Time to Teach)  

      • Virginia Educators United

        • Not On Tobacco
          (Smoking Cessation Program)

        • Toastmasters International

        • Traumatic Stress Institute of Klingberg Family Centers

        • Black Speakers Network

My Industry Memberships and Affiliations

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower teachers to be more effective and resilient in the classroom.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to decrease unwanted classroom behaviors and increase a positive learning environment in schools across America. 

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